At the Tennant Creek Memorial Club we offer a wide range of live entertainment to suit all tastes. Many popular Australian acts perform at our venue including 'The Giants'. As well as leading Australian bands, we also have regular DJs and karaoke nights. For those who like to select their own music we also have a jukebox available with a broad selection of tracks.

Our club has other activities on offer for your entertainment, including darts every Thursday and a pool competition every Wednesday night.

Raffles & Members' Draw

Tennant Creek Memorial Club provides raffles and members' draws. There are fantastic prizes to be won in our raffles including meat or fruit and vegetable trays, as well as household goods and cash prizes. Raffles are available to club members and the general public and are held on Wednesday from 9pm, Friday from 7pm and Saturday from 12pm.

We also have members' draws on Wednesdays and Fridays. Our Wednesday members' draw runs from 7pm and starts at $500 and grows by $100 every week until there is a winner. Our Friday members' draw is $1000 and runs from 7pm. With the Friday members draw an additional $200 is topped up every week until someone hits the jackpot. There is also an end of month draw for $150.

Happy Hour

At the Tennant Creek Memorial Club we have happy hour between 5pm and 7pm on weekdays with great drink specials on offer. Drop in for a drink with friends or family and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere after a busy day at work.

Wine Club

For those who enjoy a quality vintage we offer wine tasting and appreciation classes every second month. Learn how to select the perfect wine to complement your meal and wow your friends at your next dinner party.

48 Schmidt St., Tennant Creek, NT 0860